About Us

Zinny's Apparel is a collection of African sourced and inspired apparel.The store was born from the founders Nigerian background and her collections are inspired by everyday items used in our modern world combined with artistic influences from her travels around the continent.
The main goal of Zinny's Apparel is to provide business support income to support and stimulate African Artists and Craftsmen from Africa and the Diaspora.

It is a socially conscious and ethical store with the aim of stimulating and supporting local African businesses and Artisans by providing fair and sustainable income to our suppliers.
Our main suppliers are based in Aba, Nigeria; Accra, Ghana and in Dakar, Senegal.

Who we are


Ezinne Ugbogu

Founder and Creative Director












                                            Victor Abbey Hart

                                              Fashion Director









Tochi Kalu

Sourcing & Logistics